Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ForgeRock OpenID Connect Quick Start

After several attempts at a very simple client for OpenID Connect, this wiki entry details my latest example of a simple HTML example of a client to talk to OpenID Connect.  The entire example is a get up an running quick with OpenID Connect with OpenAM and this simple client.

For more see here:  https://wikis.forgerock.org/confluence/display/openam/OpenID+Connect+Quick+Start

Multi-factor Authentication with Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway

Although ForgeRock OpenAM has included multi-factor authentication capability, OpenAM can also integrate with pre-existing solutions such as those from Symantec.  

This wiki entry details how to integrate ForgeRock OpenAM with Symantec VIP Enterprise Gateway for the purpose of One-Time Password (OTP) Multi-factor Authentication configuration